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  • TAG Heuer to Celebrate Indy 500 at Timecrafters

    TAG Heuer has big plans for its upcoming exhibition at the Timecrafters public watch show at the Park Avenue Armory in New York. TAG Heuer Connected WatchIn addition to showcasing new watches replica like the Formula One limited edition, the Carrera Heuer 01 limited edition and two specialized Indy 500 dials for its Connected Watch, […]

  • TAG Heuer Connected Watches Replica Indy 500

    At this year’s Timecrafters, which begins tomorrow at the New York Armory on Park Avenue TAG Heuer will have their Connected Watches Replica on hand. The newest addition to the timepieces is the specialized Indy 500 dials. TAG Heuer brand ambassador Patrick Dempsey, actor and professional racecar driver, will inaugurate the booth on opening night. His presence at the […]

  • The Reinvention of TAG Heuer’s Link—for Ladies.

    Some things are timeless. And TAG Heuer’s Link timepiece is one of those things, thanks in part to its enduring design, exquisite details and—on a more practical note—its flawless comfort on the wrist. Dating to 1987, the TAG Heuer Link has embraced many iterations over the years, and this fall the collection has reinvented itself […]

  • What We Would Wear to Rio

    Tim MossoEditorial Director Pequignet Sport 300 dive watchRio is a colorful city, and a colorful Olympic games deserves a sports watch to match. Though rarely seen on the western side of the Atlantic, the Pequignet Sport 300 packs the panache and Gallic charm to hit the Copacabana for a Brazilian summer at the games. Morteau, […]

  • TAG Heuer Monaco Caliber II “Steve McQueen” CAW211P Luxury Watches Replica Review‬‬‬

    The TAG Heuer Monaco Caliber II “Steve McQueen” was released October 2015 and is based on the 1969 original, the first square-cased watch with a water-resistant chronograph. The watch has a long history stretching all the way back to 1969 when the Heuer Monaco 1133B was first launched. At the time, the watch represented a […]

  • TAG Heuer Connects With Modular Options

    The new TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45, the Swiss watchmaker’s second-generation smartwatch, stars a LEGO-like adaptabliity that allows the wearer to choose from 56 different case, dial, lug and strap combinations. Yes, the Google and Intel-enhanced digital features are beautfully realized with many more features than previously available, but it’s the watch’s modular design, almost […]