• Anonimo Sailor Automatic Men's Watch AM200001003A01

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    From there, every future version adhered to Anonimo’s ethos of style with substance. Handcrafted leather straps; powerful fixings; crowns made to suit every watch’s particular purpose, whether easy access for the military or careful concealment for divers, and cases not throw, but rather painstakingly milled from solid billets of metal or alloy in a bid […]

  • Anonimo Sailor Automatic Men's Watch AM200002004A01

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    Primarily it’s the situation’s vulnerability to humidity, water (or sea water) and different temperatures that will define its patina. It functions in a way that when the surface of the bronze components have developed this coating the procedure will finish and the metal underneath won’t suffer from further oxidization. So that you do not have […]

  • Anonimo Sailor Automatic Men's Watch AM200002012A01

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    Past the visit to Gianluca’s workshop, Anonimo Watches For Sale Uk Replica introduced to us a few ancient prototypes for some of the old-new collections. These were functioning watches together with straps, dials and hands which (as we had been told and may also clearly tell) weren’t of final grade, as their sole function was […]

  • Anonimo Militare Automatic Men's World Time Watch AM120002004A01

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    Basically, the goal of Anonimo was going to create a brand that would help keep the Florentine watch creating traditions alive by pairing Italian designs and instances with Swiss-made mechanical motions. Since Anonimo in 1 way or the other substituted Panerai in Florence, it primarily concentrated on designing divers’ watches. Overall, it was a successful […]

  • Baselworld 2018: Angelus U50 Diver Tourbillon Watch

    By Ben Newport-Foster An unfortunate side-effect of having a rich history is that watch companies rarely get to announce something truly new. A new chronograph or complication is always exciting but lacks the punch of being the first chronograph. Vulcain can never release their first alarm watch again, nor Breitling their first chronograph, and now Angelus […]

  • Angelus-U20-Ultra-Skeleton-Tourbillon-002

    Pre-Baselworld 2016: Angelus U20 Ultra-Skeleton Tourbillon Watch

    By Jovan Krstevski The U20 Ultra-Skeleton Tourbillon watch is an attempt at bringing forth life to the once great brand Angelus that went bust during the Quartz crisis in the 70s. Well, if I remember correctly, they do have amazing iconic timepieces back in the 40s and 50s which I somehow secretly want to be revived […]