Why Do You Wear a Watch? Part II

Why do you wear a watch? Although the question seems basic, it has spurred a variety of answers ranging from things as simple as the obvious time telling capabilities to the ability to strike up a conversation.

Watch as industry leaders explain what wearing a wristwatch means to them:

For Nick English, Co-Founder of Bremont, wearing a mechanical watch is more than just about the time, I think it is more about passion and emotion and I think it tells a lot about yourself as a person.

Whereas Stéphane Linder, CEO of Gucci Timepiece and Jewelry, finds wearing a watch conveniently places the time in a handy location on your wrist and without the necessity to charge it.

Whatever you do the watch will give you the time quickly and efficiently. It is always close to you, it is with you, and it is reliably, Linder explained. It is a beautiful product on your wrist.

It is also a reminder of the past as described by Christian Lattmann, Vice President of Jaquet Droz,  Behind the watch there are a lot of aspects that come to mind, it is a link to the time, family and to value and it is more emotional than something else.

And for Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani, Bulgari Senior Director of Watches Replica Design Center it is all about the joy it brigns to each individual person, I think to wear a watch it has to be a pleasure. It is something that you can hide under the shirt and take the time to appreciate and it is something only for you.