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  • Corum’s Admiral’s Cup Sails Full Speed Ahead

    What began as a sailboat inscription has developed into a distinguished nautical collection. Of all the timepieces brandishing the Corum logo, the Admiral’s Cup likely ranks as the best known. The refined nautical watch may not register as bold as the Corum’s Bubble watch, as patriotic as the former Coin watch or as nostalgic as […]

  • Corum Golden Bridge Rectangle

    Corum this week debuts the latest version of its always eye-catching Golden Bridge, an open-air linear movement initially devised more than three decades ago by AHCI co-founder Vincent Calabrese. In recent years Corum has displayed this capsule-shaped movement, fully upgraded to modern specifications by watchmaker Laurent Besse, hosted in a range of case metals and […]

  • Corum Admiral’s Cup AC-One 45 Tides

    21 years after its launch, the Admiral’s Cup AC-One 45 Tides watch remains a powerful model in the fine watchmaking world. In most parts of the world, seagoing professionals are governed by the tides. They follow a twice-daily lunar cycle with the tide coming in every 12 hours and 25 minutes. Created in 1993, the […]

  • Corum’s New Bubbles

    As champagne holiday toasts tickle your nose, Corum tickles your fancy with three new Bubble watches replica. The new Bubble Paiste is a limited edition of just 350 watches replica, each paying tribute to the eponymous Swiss company known for its musical cymbals that are recognized worldwide by some of the best drummers in the […]

  • Water-Friendly Watches

    If you find yourself on the seas—perhaps in a regatta—while celebrating this holiday weekend, known as the unofficial start of summer, don’t forget to take an appropriate timepiece. There is a plethora from which to choose and here’s a smattering of water-worthy watches replica that will keep you on time. Corum Admiral’s Cup Legend 47 […]

  • Fire & Brimstone “Boo” Bubbles

    Just in time for Halloween Corum scares up a new series of limited editions. In each case the bones and guts are basically the same with an automatic mechanical heart bleeding inside a 47mm version of the Wunderman wonderwork that is the Bubble. Accented in blood reds and flame yellows, the Skull, Pirate, and Voodo […]