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  • Voutilainen “Scintillante”

    About VoutilainenFollowing his passion, and in order to preserve this highly prized tradition, Kari Voutilainen established his own business as an independent Artist Watchmaker in the village of Môtiers in 2002. “When you are working independently as I am, then you have to also think long term. Because not everything you require to make watches […]

  • LWR Retailers RATE SIHH 2016: Part II

    We asked members of iW’s Leading Watch Retailers to tell us what they saw, liked and didn’t like during their recent visit to Geneva for the SIHH 2016. In this second part of the report, read Part 1 here, we offer the reviews of Corey McCarthy & Kellen Moss at Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry in […]

  • Voutilainen Vingt-8

    From what is an almost one man show, the Voutilainen Vingt-8 was created by Kari Voutilainen and his small workshop in Switzerland. Kari is one of the few independent watchmakers in the industry and was invited to show at this year’s SIHH in Geneva. One of the pieces from the show is the new Vingt-8. […]